LEED Compliant Services

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Commitment:

City Carting & Recycling is intimately familiar with the provision of USGBC/LEED compliant services and currently provides such services to a growing number of clients is Fairfield and New Haven (CT) and Westchester (NY) Counties

LEED Materials & Resources (MR) Prerequisite 1.1:

City Carting & Recycling will, if so desired, assist as necessary in the determination of a waste baseline as required by LEED-established MR Prerequisite 1.1 "Source Reduction and Waste Management: Waste Management Policy and Waste Stream Audit." Records of the essential baseline tonnages of separately collected MSW, paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and metals are routinely maintained and will be provided as required. It should be noted that waste material separated for tracking /disposal purposes will not be commingled; it will be collected from dedicated containers /compactors by dedicated vehicles.

On-going reviews of the facility waste stream audit and associated procedures will be available with the intention of revealing areas for improvement and related opportunities for the accumulated of LEED credits. City Carting & Recycling will also provide training in proper waste material handling to employees and other service providers.

Mission Statement

City Carting & Recycling is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable services to our customers while implementing innovative and environmentally conscious business practices in compliance with all Federal, State and local regulations.

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